Why Electric Car in Singapore Is a Game Changer

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Why Electric Car in Singapore Is a Game Changer

Given the global shift towards sustainability, electric car rental in Singapore—accompanied by a growing interest in EV ownership—continues gaining traction. As electric vehicles (EVs) have entered the marketplace, a paradigm shift has occurred in how we envision city-state transportation. Due to its commitment to environmental stewardship, Singapore also rapidly embraces electric cars to curb its urban mobility problems. 

These vehicles offer more than just a means of transportation; they embody a transformative journey towards a greener and more efficient future. The question now arises: are electric cars poised to become the next major automotive trend? If you’re looking to rent or buy a new car in Singapore, check out the article to find out why EVs might be right for you. 

Type of Electric Vehicles 

An EV comes in three main types: 

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) - These vehicles operate solely on electricity, lacking a fuel tank, exhaust pipe, or internal combustion engine. This means they run purely on electric power, offering a cleaner and quieter driving experience. 
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) - Powered by a fuel engine and an electric motor with a battery, hybrid electric vehicles begin their journey using electricity before engaging their fuel engine at a certain speed. 
  • Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) - These hybrid vehicles include an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, combining the features of both BEVs and HEVs. With a larger battery and improved ability to recharge from the electric grid, PHEVs offer a longer electric range than HEVs. 

Why Choose an Electric Car for Your Singaporean Drives 

Electric vehicles offer many benefits over conventional petrol-driven vehicles, whether you’re considering buying one or exploring electric car rental options in Singapore. Electric cars are making giant strides in the automobile industry, as established. Here are some compelling reasons: 

Turn around pollution 

The COVID-19 lockdowns provided a glimpse of cleaner air, with cities experiencing a remarkable 60% drop in air pollution. This eye-opening moment underscored the significant impact of car emissions on both air quality and carbon footprint. 

Sadly, this respite was short-lived. It wasn’t long before gasoline-powered vehicles returned to their high exhaust emission levels. 

Unlike their gasoline counterparts, EVs boast a distinct advantage: they lack exhaust systems that contribute to harmful emissions. This absence means cleaner air, as EVs operate without emitting the greenhouse gases typically associated with traditional vehicles. 

Projections indicate a 6.8% rise in global electricity demand by 2040, driven by increased electric vehicle adoption. Therefore, switching to hybrid or electric vehicles can reduce emissions by 20-30%. It marks a significant step towards reducing pollution and forging a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

EVs can be a practical choice 

EV charging stations are expected to increase by 2030 so that you can charge your electric vehicle easily, wherever you are. With EVs capable of exceeding Singapore’s expressway speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour, practicality and performance align seamlessly. 

Consider the dimensions of Singapore—spanning 50 kilometres from east to west, 27 kilometres from north to south, and hugging a 193-kilometre coastline. The elevated temperatures may restrict driving range, but navigating this compact island shouldn’t prove difficult. Consequently, owning an EV remains a logical and realistic option in Singapore’s dynamic urban landscape. 

Dependable performance 

Electric vehicles offer impressive acceleration rates, outpacing traditional petrol and diesel cars, despite the market’s average top speed being around 177 km/h. EVs provide a consistent and reliable performance that caters to modern driving demands. They are practical for daily commutes and city driving while maintaining performance advantages. 

Access to the latest technology 

Opting for electric car rental in Singapore opens the door to the forefront of innovation. Driving an EV grants you access to the latest cutting-edge technology. Technological advancements constantly introduce new solutions, including groundbreaking charging options, state-of-the-art battery advancements, and features designed to elevate your driving experience. 

A quieter ride 

Unlike traditional vehicles that often contribute to urban noise, EVs offer a quieter driving experience. You’ll appreciate the serene quietness of an EV if you’re used to the hum of combustion engines, especially on busy roads. In fact, their near-silent operation is so pronounced that regulations often recommend adding sound equipment to alert pedestrians of their presence. 


Despite their higher initial investments, EVs like Tesla in Singapore offer compelling cost advantages over their traditional counterparts over time. Because EVs have reduced maintenance costs and no gasoline expenses, their lifetime costs are lower than gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Furthermore, the streamlined design of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) translates into fewer moving parts and a reduced need for frequent oil changes. This distinguishes them from conventional or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). 

What About the EV Charging Infrastructure in Singapore? 

In Singapore, we find a rapidly evolving landscape of EV charging stations that aligns with the city-state’s commitment to sustainable transportation. The country has an expanding network of charging points, including those provided by BlueSG, Shell Recharge, SP Group, and Greenlots Singapore (powered by Shell Group). 

Additionally, $30 million will be allocated for EV-related initiatives under the comprehensive Singapore Green Plan 2030. This robust investment underscores Singapore’s determination to facilitate the transition to electric mobility. 

As we cast our gaze forward, Singaporeans can anticipate a future where convenience meets accessibility. The ambitious plan outlines installing 60,000 charging points strategically within public car parks and private facilities such as shopping malls and condominium complexes. 


Electric car rental and ownership in Singapore is a transformative choice that seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and practicality. With thousands of charging stations planned for Singapore, electric vehicles will be more convenient and offer reduced emissions, advanced technology, and economic benefits. 

EVs on Singaporean roads are still statistically low, but we can expect a greener and more promising tomorrow for both the city and its discerning drivers. The trend toward electric vehicles as a crucial part of sustainability is especially evident when more and more people adopt them. 

Embrace a Greener Tomorrow with Electric Car Rental in Singapore 

Why should you consider electric car rental in Singapore? Beyond its positive impact on the environment, it’s a cost-effective solution that promises both ecological benefits and financial savings. 

Here at Carz World, we offer you the flexibility to choose short-term rentals or explore long-term EV leasing options. You’re welcome to explore our comprehensive inventory of new cars in Singapore. For further discussions about your driving needs, contact us at +65 6570 9482. 

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