Forgo Parking Coupons — Drivers Can Save More With The App

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Forgo Parking Coupons — Drivers Can Save More With The App
Just last year in Wales, it was reported that people posing as parking attendants were collecting money from innocent by-passers who had their car parked at a free public carpark. Thankfully, here in Singapore, we are fortunate to have parking coupons implemented ever since 1980, to replace parking attendants collecting payment and issuing receipts.

Remember your secondary school days, when you were tasked to shade your OMR MCQ answer sheets during major examinations? Similarly, the first type of parking coupons used were cards that required motorists to shade the dates and time. These “OMR sheets” were replaced with the current, die-cut versions. With the implementation of the Electronic Parking System (EPS), there has been a decline of coupon-only carparks.

Now, with the app becoming more popular, the multi-coloured parking coupons will soon become obsolete. 


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