5 Popular Hybrid Cars Used In Singapore

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5 Popular Hybrid Cars Used In Singapore

Hybrid cars appear to offer a fantastic value proposition — protecting the environment while sparing your wallet — aside from their higher starting expenses when you first purchase them. Since private-hire car drivers profit the most from reduced fuel consumption, this makes them even more alluring to savvy Singapore drivers. Additionally, unlike electric cars that require charging, hybrid systems function easily and offer advantages without adding to the hassle!

Ultimately, when thinking of purchasing a new car, hybrid cars would have to be among your top considerations. Here is our list of five (5) popular hybrid car models that cost less than $100,000 (without COE) and have a fuel consumption of at least 20 km/L to help you choose which car to buy.


1. Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8 X 7-Seater

The Noah is a mid-sized MPV with simple and sophisticated styling that is designed to fit between the Sienta and the larger Alphard. The Noah has a spacious interior that easily seats seven people and a low fuel economy that will put much smaller vehicles to shame.

Price: From $81,988 without COE
Fuel consumption: 23.8km/L
Engine capacity: 1,797cc
Annual road tax: $974


2. Honda Vezel Hybrid 1.5X (eHEV)

The Vezel is a fantastic example of the current crossover trend. It is understandable why they are among the most well-liked vehicles on the roads here given their simple yet sporty look. The Vezel Hybrid has established itself as the most popular vehicle for private hire, offering excellent value for money.

Price: From $81,988 without COE
Fuel consumption: 23.8km/L
Engine capacity: 1,797cc
Annual road tax: $974


3. Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid 7-Seater

The Sienta is a good option for a compact hybrid MPV. It has a roomy interior while having an apparently small exterior. The fact that it is a Toyota and uses tried-and-true hybrid technology to get excellent fuel economy, while remaining dependable and reasonably priced to operate, rounds out the package.

Price: From $60,988 without COE
Fuel consumption: 27.2km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682


4. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5 Ascent Sport

The most recent Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid is a perfect example of how efficient, intuitive performance and svelte, dynamic appearance can coexist in harmony. This updated Camry is a great head-turner on the road, sporting the Japanese company's most recent design language on the front fascia.

Price: From $83,988 without COE
Fuel consumption: 21.3km/L 
Engine capacity: 2,487cc
Annual road tax: $1784



Purchasing a hybrid car may seem to be a bit more expensive at first but trust us, the savings you enjoy in the long run is definitely worth the initial cost! Nonetheless, purchasing a vehicle – hybrid or otherwise – is not a decision you should make in a rush. Come to our showroom and our expert sales consultant will give you an in-depth look at your best available options. Get in touch with us to slot in an appointment!

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