(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X
(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X

(RENT) Honda Vezel 1.5X

Vendor: CarZ World


$538 (Fri-Mon)


 Registered 2023
 5 pax
 23 years old
 +2 years
Booking instructions:
  1. The collection/return time is strictly between 11am to 5pm from Monday to Sunday.
  2. All timings are subject to availability, you will be informed by our car rental service staff in-charge if the reserved unit is unavailable (especially booking made less than 48 hours).
  3. Should the specific model you booked is not available due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be provided with a car of similar class/car group.
  4. Only you are insured to drive the hired car and you may only drive the car in Singapore. Entry to Malaysia is available as the optional add-on below.

Terms & Condition:
  • Driver's  Age: 23 years old and above
  • Driving experience: Minimum 2 years

Deposit (One-time, Refundable): *By Nets /Bank Transfer only
  • Short term rental (less than 1 month) - $300 ~ $500, subject to Model
  • Long term rental (1 month or more)- $500 ~ $1,000 or 1 month rental, subject to Model
*Advance rental required for long term rental

Optional Add-ons:
  • Vehicle Delivery/Collection (Between 11am to 5pm) - $100 Per trip
  • Vehicle Delivery/Collection (Before/After Office Hour) - $150 Per trip
  • Entry to Malaysia - $70 Per Day
  • Additional Named Driver - $70/month or part thereof

Insurance excess:

  • First Party Insurance (if applicable) - $2,500~$4,500 (Singapore) / $5,000~$8,000 (Malaysia)
  • Third Party Insurance - $2,500~$4,500 (Singapore) / $5,000~$8,000 (Malaysia)

Penalty Charges for cancellation:

  • Less than 48 hours before cancellation - No Refund
  • More than 48 hours before cancellation - 70% of the booking amount
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