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Carz World is one of the largest importer and exporter of new and used cars in Singapore. Wholesale/Import/Export (B2B only) of Engine Oil and Brand New Tyres. 

We handle:
- New Cars, Used cars ( Japanese, Continental)
- Rental and Leasing ( New and Used Cars) 
- Used Cars and Parts( CKD)





Carz World was established in Singapore and it is known today for its trustworthy reputation.

About Us

Carz World was established in Singapore and it is known today for its trustworthy reputation. Our business is about supplying cars, parts, tires, lubricant oil and leasing.

Like many, Carz World was built on a strong family oriented foundation; such unique family bond can be seen in our culture of selflessness and strong fellowship within our Company. As such, we are able to work closely with many of our suppliers and clients to achieve mutual goals and benefits. Along the way, Carz World has established long term relationship with many customers from Singapore and all over the world, and we continue to appreciate and take pride from these friendship.

We are committed to meet expectation and take our customers seriously. We leverage our expertise and strong procurement networks to add value to our customers’ business activities. We are determined to achieve mutual growth and success.

Carz World challenges new frontiers perpetually to provide ever better value of products and excellent customer service. This can be seen from the testimonial from our valued customers who are also our returned customers most of the time.
With our utmost and absolute commitment to excellence, we are bound by our core values; integrity and trust. We aspire to become a trusted lifetime partner of our customers.

Company Name          : Carz World Pte. Ltd.
Incorporation               : 31-Jan-2012
Website                         :
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Bank Details for Overseas Customers:
United Overseas Bank Ltd
Bank/Branch Code:7375/057
Account No: 419-339-039-5(SGD) | 352-932-212-5(USD) | 352-932-210-9(GBP)

Bank Details for Local Customers:
DBS Bank Ltd
Account No: 106-902311-4 (SGD)
PayNow! 201202222Z


All payment must be made payable to Carz World Pte. Ltd. We hold no liability for any non-observance of this condition.