Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hatchback

Vendor: CarZ World


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1.8L Hybrid engine

The Corolla Hybrid hatch has a petrol engine and electric motor that work in perfect harmony to create a powerful, fuel-efficient system.

Full power, Hybrid efficiency

Charging while you drive, Toyota's Hybrid engine delivers uncompromising performance and effortless acceleration, so you're always quick off the mark.

Advanced suspension

Enjoy the perfect drive with independent rear suspension that delivers responsive handling, and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Pre-Collision Safety System

Corolla Hatch's Pre-Collision Safety system is designed to detect potential hazards and avoid or reduce the impact of a potential collision.

Lane Trace Assist

Used in combination with Active Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Trace Assist is designed to provide visual alerts and steering assistance to help you stay centred in your lane (LTA not available with manual transmission).

Road Sign Assist

With its front-mounted camera, Corolla Hatch is designed to recognise speed signs and alert you when it's time to change your speed.

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